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3 Easy New Year Resolutions for a Healthier Smile
Posted on 1/1/2016 by Jessica Edgerton
New Year resolutions can be discouraging – if they’re beyond reach. We’ve formulated a list that’s quite doable. As with most resolutions lists, it includes those things you know you should be doing but haven’t quite mastered. The following resolutions are important for your smile and overall health. They’re so easy that by next year, these resolutions should cross over into lifelong habits. And one of them need only be done twice a year! 1. Floss When it comes to flossing, there are those who floss regularly and those who don’t floss at all. Every hour of every day, a colorless film of bacteria accumulates on the surface of our teeth. It’s called plaque, and left unchecked, it’s one of the biggest causes of periodontal disease and gingivitis. Flossing removes the sticky plaque between teeth that a toothbrush cannot reach. So if you are one of the bunch who don’t regularly floss, now’s the time to get started. Floss before or after brushing, with minty or regular, flat or thick floss. The benefits will help ensure you keep your teeth for a lifetime! 2. Decrease Soda Consumption There’s a reason soda tastes good – after carbonated water, the main ingredient in sodas like Coke, is high fructose corn sugar. Studies show that high fructose corn syrup may prevent the body from releasing the signal of being full. In addition, sugary soda produces acids in the mouth that erode tooth enamel, and the reaction worsens over time with sipping. There’s more – carbonation in the soda increases the acidity. These are all reasons to request water instead of soda more often – make it tap water and you’ll save money while cleansing the body and increasing fluoride consumption. 3. Keep Your Six-Month Dental Check-Up Chances are you’re pretty good about sending your child to the dentist every six months – do you keep the same regimen for yourself? Many adults delay or skip out on this important appointment. Not only will your dentist remove plaque and tartar build-up, help reverse signs of gum disease, and spot cavities, but he or she may also check for early signs of oral cancer, diabetes, and vitamin deficiencies. Why not make 2012 the year you make it to both your six-month dental appointments?
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