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Check the Grandparents They Could Be a Bad Influence
Posted on 12/4/2017 by Jessica Edgerton
“Parents get all the work, and grandparents get all the fun.” Or so the saying goes.

We all know grandparents love to spoil their grandkids. Because of this, your kids may associate their grandparents with the candy, sugary cereals, or other sweets that they don’t regularly get to enjoy at home. But new research from the University of Glasgow with data from 18 countries shows that this tendency toward leniency on the grandparents’ part may hurt kids more than we think. Here’s more from CBS News and Forbes on the issue:

Grandparents may negatively influence their grandkids’ health in the areas of weight and diet through “treating” with unhealthy foods and overfeeding.
Grandparents tend to be more lax on screen time and don’t tend to encourage physical activities.
Grandparents’ tobacco habits also put kids at risk.
Grandparents may be passing on unhealthy habits to grandkids from an early age
Of course, spending time with their grandparents has many positive influences on the children’s well-being and emotional development.

While it can be awkward or uncomfortable to ask your parents to consider the health impacts of their decisions, just remember that they’ve got your kids’ best interests at heart.

So, if you notice handfuls of lollipops stuffed in the kids’ pockets after a visit to your parents’ house and learn they’ve skipped dinner in favor of beef jerky and ice cream while you went on your date night, it may be time to have a friendly but firm talk with your mom or dad.
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