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Seal of Approval for Dental Sealants
Posted on 11/3/2016 by Jessica Edgerton
Alameda Pediatric Dentistry strongly encourages the application of dental sealants. A safe protective coating, sealants act as a physical barrier that blocks plaque from accumulating in hard-to-clean grooves and pits of molar teeth. Covered by most dental policies, sealants take just a few minutes to apply, and the process is completely painless.

This month, the Centers for Disease Control released a Vital Signs report that includes the following important findings on sealants:

School-age children (ages 6-11) without sealants have almost 3 times more 1st molar cavities than those with sealants.
Low-income children are 20% less likely to have them and 2 times more likely to have untreated cavities than higher-income children.
In addition, HealthyChildren.org states that sealants can prevent 80% of cavities in the back molars.

Parents love the fact that dental sealants stay on the teeth for years, protecting children during their most critical years. They also make brushing molars more effortless. Dr. Ngo of Alameda Pediatric Dentistry says, “The fact that they are smooth makes it much easier to clean these teeth and prevents acid from burrowing into the deep, hard-to-reach crevices.”

Proper sealant application, however, is essential to their effectiveness. “You need a completely dry surface in order for the material to bond well,” Dr. Ngo explains. “Any drop of saliva will compromise the quality of the sealant.”

Alameda Pediatric Dentistry takes extra steps in placing the best sealants possible, using the isolite system (a gadget that combines suction, light, and retraction for the patient) and a monitoring system to track the sealants that have already been placed in their patients.
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