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Work Out While You Brush Your Teeth
Posted on 7/2/2014 by Jessica Edgerton
Who has time for exercise? Well, there’s always time to brush your teeth, so why not get your exercise while you brush? You may be surprised to know that just four minutes of working out per day (two minutes in the morning, and two minutes at night) can lead to the tighter abs and toned physique you’ve been too busy to sweat for at the gym. Here are some ideas to get you started on a brand-new brushing/exercise routine:

1. Don’t just stand around while you brush, Lifehacker urges. The article “Five Exercises You Can Do While Brushing Your Teeth,” suggests multi-tasking with simple movements for balance, flexibility, and strength. These include calf raises, hip mobility drills, or squats. If you’re in the mood for something a bit more relaxing, try massaging each foot with a tennis ball.
2. 2-minute leg workout. Find all the deets on Fit Sugar, which demonstrates how to do 4 quick moves for just 30 seconds each. Your glutes will thank you.
3. Improve your balance by standing on one leg while you brush. Nano Workout suggests taking this drill even further. As you brush your teeth with one hand, try standing on a balance board while holding something heavy in the other hand!
4. What about those toned abs I promised? Here’s one great exercise you can easily do while you scrub those teeth: Pull your belly button in towards the spine, open your arms, and shift from left to right, keeping your shoulders above the ribcage. Stephanie Mansour shows you how on her easy-to-follow YouTube video.
5. Lower and upper body exercises are equally doable, according to MissFit. Lower body exercises include walking, step jumping, and quad or hamstring stretching, while upper body exercises entail everything from rotating your shoulders and stretching your chest, shoulders, fingers, and wrists to tackling arm or wrist curls.

Get started with your new exercise routine today, and your two minutes of brushing, twice a day will reward you with the double confidence of a shinier smile and improved fitness.
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