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Baby Teething Timeline
Posted on 4/28/2017 by Jessica Edgerton
Parents are full of questions about teething. When will my baby get her first tooth? When will my baby lose her first tooth? How long does it take for all of the permanent teeth to come in? To answer these questions and more, we thought the following teething timeline would help:

4-10 Months: Hello! Look out for this exciting milestone: the first tooth. Some babies show no signs of teething, while other show increased drooling, biting, and irritability. Snap photos, because this famous first tooth won’t be alone for long!

1 to 3 Years: Little by little, your baby’s tiny mouth will fill up with baby teeth. Sometime in the third year, your tot should have a full set of twenty adorable chompers. Don’t forget to bring him in to the dentist within that first year. Your dentist will help you count those teeth and keep them strong and healthy!

LooseTooth6 Years: It’s time to sit the little one down for an important talk – about the tooth fairy! Your child will get her first loose tooth around the time she enters the first grade. From there, the teeth usually fall out in pairs, or in the same order they came in.

12 to 13 Years: You’ve certainly been keeping the tooth fairy busy. It’s been the better part of a decade since that first tooth wiggled from its socket, and the baby teeth have not stopped falling since. It’s time to give the tooth fairy a rest, though, because all 28 of your child’s permanent teeth will grow in during his pre-teen, early teen years.

16 to 25 Years: Whoops! Did we say all of the permanent teeth would come in by the early teen years? We forget to mention the four wisdom teeth. These third molars will be the last to appear in your child’s mouth, and they sure do take their time. Your child may not develop her final wisdom teeth until well into adulthood.

Remember, every child is different and while these general dates apply to most cases, there are always exceptions. Children develop at varying rates and in their own good time! For any questions or concerns, contact your baby’s pediatric dentist right away.
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