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6 Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas
Posted on 4/6/2014 by Jessica Edgerton
Our offices open well before the start of regular business hours. You can bet our doctors and staff power up for the day with a healthy breakfast. We hope our patients do the same before heading to their classrooms. Eating breakfast improves nutrition, encourages healthy body weight, and sharpens academic performance.

Parents can help their kids start the day off right by making time for this important meal – the most important meal of the day! Share breakfast time as a family if possible. If not, sign your kids up for the breakfast program at school, or make sure to keep some simple, wholesome breakfast foods stocked in the kitchen.

Here are six quick and easy breakfast ideas from the Dairy Council of California:

1. Cereal and low-fat milk
2. Toasted bagel with cream cheese
3. Toast with peanut butter
4. Fruit smoothie made with fruit, milk, or yogurt
5. Cereal bar with fruit and a yogurt
6. Hard-cooked egg and whole-grain toast

Did you know?

When it comes to maintaining strong teeth, whole grain foods are the better choice for obtaining essential carbohydrates. White breads and starchy carbs like potatoes raise acidity levels in the mouth.
Calcium helps maintain strong bones and teeth, as well as protect against tooth decay.
Kids need 1 to 2 cups of fruits a day, and 1 to 3 cups of veggies. The vitamins in fruits and veggies are good for the teeth, too, while high water content helps dilute the effect of naturally occurring sugars.
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