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7 Fun Facts about Braces
Posted on 8/5/2013 by Jessica Edgerton
Moms and dads, braces have evolved since your teenage days when you rocked the metal smile! Many kids today look forward to wearing them. Here are some fun facts about braces that will help explain why:

1. Some braces are invisible, and not because they’re clear, but because they’re inserted behind the teeth!
2. Braces can change color. The rubber bands used with braces now come in an array of hues that can be changed with each appointment. Kids can coordinate the color of their bands with their changing moods, school colors, or even a particular holiday.
3. The first day of wearing braces typically is the most uncomfortable, more so than at any subsequent tightening, and even those initial 24 hours are much less painful than they used to be, because…
4. Traditional metal braces are now smaller and more efficient at straightening teeth. Even the wires are thinner.
5. You can floss your teeth without using a threader. Your orthodontist can show the kids how to use a special flosser that gets underneath the wire and in between their teeth…no threader required!
6. The “braces bag” has better perks. This might include handy items like lip balm, a mirror, and a little spiral dental brush to remove food from between the teeth when it’s not convenient to brush.
7. One thing that hasn’t changed…the post-braces retainer. Did you know that retainers often get thrown out by mistake when wearers remove them to eat, place them on a napkin, then throw out the napkin? This happens more often than losing a retainer due to misplacing it!
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