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5 Real-Life Tooth Fairy Sightings
Posted on 12/27/2012 by Jessica Edgerton
Those who think the tooth fairy doesn’t exist, prepare to leave your doubts behind. We’ve scoured the web for some of the best, real-life Tooth Fairy sightings by some fortunate kiddos who detail the evidence of her fairy splendor. Has your child shared a similar story?

1. Little Kate in Washington reports waking to the sound of fairy wings in the night. According to Kate, there is more than one Tooth Fairy, or perhaps, the fairies she saw were her little helpers. “There were three of them in pink and blue. They were tiny like a button and had sparkly wings and wands in their hands!” Thanks to Kate’s mom for sharing Kate’s story on the Wenger Clan blog.

2. A Circle of Moms reader describes leaving money in a glass by her daughter Aubrey’s bed as a reward for her baby tooth. The next morning, Aubrey was excited about having seen the tooth fairy in the wee hours. Thankfully, Aubrey’s description did not match her mother, who was worried she’d gotten caught. “She was beautiful. She was wearing a white flowing dress, had long curly blonde hair, and was wearing black patent leather shoes.”

3. Bella describes her possible encounter with the Tooth Fairy as a “ghost story.” Now a young adult, Bella’s never forgotten the night when she was six or seven years old, and she waited in the dark for the Tooth Fairy to appear. “As I was gazing out the window, I saw a bright orb of greenish yellow light coming towards my window from the street. The ball of light grew as it traveled down my yard towards my window, then it turned around the Azalea bush and floated out of sight around the side of the house.”

4. One first grade teacher, Mrs. Nessman, had all her students describe the Tooth Fairy in words and pictures. One student shared the following: “The Tooth Fairy has long black hair that blows in the wind. She is smiling. She wears a long, pink dress with yellow stars on it and green slippers. She carries a black purse to keep the teeth in. She has two wings that look like butterfly wings. They are yellow, pink and green. Her wand has a green handle and a star at the end. It sparkles to help her see in the dark.” Such imaginative details can only come from an eye witness, wouldn’t you say?

5. On YouTube, John Burn’s five-year-old describes the moment the Tooth Fairy gave her a dollar. This five-year-old also says she had the good fortune of seeing the tooth fairy in person. “She had brown hair, a white golden dress, and a wand. I saw a pink bag and a dollar inside it!”
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