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Foods to Avoid Offering an Infant Who is Teething

Posted on 2/15/2019 by Front Office Alameda
Foods to Avoid Offering an Infant Who is TeethingFor most babies, the teething process takes place around the same time as new foods are being introduced. As a new parent, you want to be sure that you are providing the right food options, avoiding irritating the gums even further as teeth are coming in.

There are several food types that can cause discomfort or pain for your baby as they are teething. Learning which foods to avoid will ensure your baby is comfortable as they go through the teething stages.

Citrus Foods

Citrus foods like oranges and lemons can be tasty for babies, but contain high concentrations of acid which can irritate the sore gums that occur during teething. Avoid such foods so that your baby is willing to eat during meal time.

Spicy Foods

Any foods that are considered spicy should also be avoided. While most parents are not providing their babies with terribly spicy foods, anything with a little kick can irritate your baby's gums. If you are dining out and find that your food is spicy, avoid sharing with baby as they might become uncomfortable due to the spiciness of the food.

Salty Foods

Salt should also be avoided during the teething stages. Have you ever gotten salt into a sore in your mouth? It's quite painful! This is what your baby could experience if their gums are irritated due to a tooth or teeth trying to erupt. Avoid giving your baby foods with salt so that they do not experience any additional pain.

Cold Not Frozen

Many parents think that frozen teethers or foods will help baby feel better during teething. While cold items are good, the extreme temperatures of frozen items can be harmful. Provide your baby with items that are slightly chilled instead of frozen to soothe sore gums.

When you need additional help with teething problems, give us a call. We are happy to help with any teething questions or concerns.
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