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Changing Up Toothpaste Flavors Can Improve Children's Desire to Brush

Posted on 8/15/2019 by Front Office Alameda
Changing Up Toothpaste Flavors Can Improve Children's Desire to BrushOne thing that every parent struggles with from time to time is getting his or her child to brush on a regular basis. We all know that brushing your teeth at least twice per day is a vital part of keeping your teeth strong and healthy; however, you may find that getting your child into this habit can be a challenge, to say the least.

Here are some ideas to consider when it comes to getting your child to brush his or her teeth. By implementing them, you may be able to reduce the struggle in the morning and at bedtime.

Make a Game Out of It
Make a game out of brushing. Teach your child that there are bad germs in his or her mouth and challenge him or her to get them all. By explaining the reason for brushing on a level that your child can understand, you will help him or her begin to share your enthusiasm for proper dental hygiene.

Switch Up Toothpaste Flavors

A major reason that kids don't like to do anything—whether it's brushing their teeth regularly or something else altogether—is that they get bored. You can help to curtail your child's boredom by using different flavors of toothpaste.

A trip to your local grocery store will reveal a number of flavors for your child to experiment with. Bubblegum is probably the most popular flavor, but there are many others as well. If you don't like the selection in the grocery store, try a quick search on the Internet.

Once you have some new flavors, remember to switch them out regularly. Even the best-tasting toothpaste will get old for your child after a period of time. By switching things up, you help to keep your child interested.

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