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How Looking Information Up Online with Your Child Can Reduce Their Dental Anxiety

Posted on 8/25/2019 by Front Office Alameda
How Looking Information Up Online with Your Child Can Reduce Their Dental AnxietyIt's not a big secret that many children are afraid of visiting the dentist. Whether it's due to unfamiliar surroundings, scary tools, or just a sense of discomfort, a visit to the dentist's office can be a traumatic event for a young child.

Likewise with some aspects of oral care. Young children may not like brushing and flossing, and part of it might be because they don't understand the process. By helping your child learn at an age appropriate level, you can help reduce his or her anxiety about dental care.

Using the Internet
If your child is scared of an upcoming dental procedure, it may be as simple as not understanding what is going to happen and why. You can use the Internet to find an age appropriate explanation of an upcoming procedure and help him or her to understand why it is necessary.

One word of caution: you should view any videos on your own before showing them to your child. If a certain procedure involves drilling or making an incision, you might wish to opt for using simple drawings as opposed to actual footage of one of the procedures.

Dispelling Your Child's Fears

As you help your child to understand his or her mouth and the processes necessary for a healthy smile, you will notice that he or she becomes less anxious about the whole matter. For children, a primary factor of fear is simply a matter of not knowing what is going to happen.

By helping your child to understand that his or her upcoming procedure—or his or her regular dental hygiene practices—is really not that big of a deal, you will also help yourself. Persuading a frightened child to go to the dentist or to open his or her mouth so you can help him or her brush can be a challenge. By eliminating the fear, you make things easier for everyone.
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